#TeamHamish Rainbow Ride – update – Profile Steve Donaldson

Next up for our rider profiles is Steve…

Name: Steve Donaldson
Age: 38
Occupation: Inspection Engineer for Subsea7

How’s training going for the big cycle: Well at the moment I’m looking out the window at the snow falling heavily and wondering when I’ll next get out for a ride, but I refuse to get on the turbo trainer! I’ve put in quite a few miles this year so far (over 700 at this point), so am pretty happy with how things are progressing.

We did an FTP test yesterday, which is basically an assessment of how we are progressing. I’ve increased my power figures by 10 percent in the last seven weeks (as have the others who did both tests), so I’m pretty happy. All I need to do now is lose three stone in the next ten weeks before we start the big event. Simple! 😂😂

Reasons for taking part in this challenge: As I’m sure you will hear from everyone who has signed up for this event – it was a simple decision. When Davie announced that he wanted to undertake the challenge, within half an hour he had nine more of us standing by his side! The Hey/Bow families are well known and highly respected in the town.

As a father of two myself, I can’t even begin to imagine how difficult it must be for everyone directly affected by this series of tragic events. The fact that Sam and Susan have remained so positive throughout their experiences is truly inspiring. I am honoured to get the chance to help raise more awareness and hopefully some money for this very worthwhile charity.

What are you looking forward to on the cycle: This one is simple – Being able to eat cake guilt-free!! We’ll probably be burning somewhere in the region of 9000-12000 calories a day so there’s bound to be the opportunity to eat some goodies along the way! 😜

As Davie said last week too, I’m really looking forward to forging even stronger friendships with the other lads and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

What are you least looking forward to on the cycle: The saddle sores!! 🙈 The challenge we have set involves cycling around 150 miles a day, every day, for seven consecutive days… Some days will involve climbing more than 10000ft, which is around 1/3 the height of Everest.

Incorporate that with the possibility of strong head winds (apparently May is the worst time to attempt LEJOG as often the winds reverse) and we could to be in for a rough time of it! When we talk to other cyclists and tell them what we’re planning, you can see how concerned they look and sound about what lies ahead. That’s a bit unnerving! Haha.

Thanks for reading and please, please give generously to support this incredibly tough challenge and exceptionally worthy cause!

Steve 😉👍


— with Steve Donaldson.