TeamHamish Rainbow Ride – Update – Profile Karel

Next up for our rider profiles is Karel:

Name: Karel
Age: 38
Occupation: Film Editor

How’s training going for the big cycle:
It could always be better.

Reasons for taking part in this challenge:
Good question.
Hopefully participation will do some good for the local community and the charity involved.
Lands End to John O’Groats ‘LeJog’ – i think every cyclist in the world would love to ride this route (but probably not in 7 days).

What are you looking forward to on the cycle:
Right now: Optimistically thinking of all the good things – the scenery, the sunshine, the effortless pedalling, the coffee stops, cake and company.
During the challenge: Realistically i’ll only be looking forward to sleep, rest and recovery.

What are you least looking forward to on the cycle:
Mechanical Issues.
Horrendous weather.
The inevitable pain and suffering.

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