TeamHamish Rainbow Ride – Update – Profile Colin Leslie

Next up for our rider profiles is Colin

Name: Colin Leslie
Age: 48
Occupation: Police Officer

How’s training going for the big cycle:
It’s not. I’m the one that recently had surgery on my shoulder so i’m currently off the bike. Which is a worry. I’m not one of the stronger (or younger) cyclists in the REV CT team so when I agreed to take part in this challenge I knew the only way i’d manage it was to do more training than everyone else. However it never turned out like that. I’ve been waiting 2 years for surgery so I couldn’t turn down the opportunity. I’m hoping to be back on the bike soon, so it’ll be a mad catch-up with the training.

Reasons for taking part in this challenge:
It’s such a great challenge for such an important cause nobody could turn it down. Cancer will touch a lot of us during our lifetime, I lost both my parents to it and my Sister lost her brave battle only last month, doing this challenge and being able to raise some funds for the charity is my way of doing my bit to help.

What are you looking forward to on the cycle:
Finishing. I think that will be the best bit. People shouldn’t underestimate how difficult this challenge is. I agreed to it knowing nothing about it or the logistics of it. After some research you realise that a good cyclist will usually do LeJog in 10 days. Doing it in 7 days is going to be tough. We’re averaging 145 miles or so a day. In a day that’s not too tough, but getting back on the bike the following day and doing it agin, then the next day, and the next is where is going to be tough, physically and mentally.

What are you least looking forward to on the cycle:
Sharing accommodation with 8 other blokes. Men snore and sleep’s going to be important. I can see some pillows/shoes/etc being thrown during the night at loudest.

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