#TeamHamish Rainbow Ride – update

Training Update – Week ending Sunday 18th

Last week we said the weather may hamper us, and it did indeed.

As cyclists (and drivers) we appreciate that we need to share the road, but a trip to Inverness will see us riding along the quieter Clephanton/Cawdor Road or the Ardersier Road rather than the A96. Unfortunately some of these side roads we ride on don’t make the best cycle routes when the weather turns cold.

But we still managed to clock up 790 miles according to Strava.

Out in the lead again was Colin Leslie with 238 miles for the week, followed closely by Karel Dolak with 209 miles.

The weather is looking better this week so we’re confident the mileage will improve. If it doesn’t, we’re going to start panicking soon.

Remember to give us a wave if you see us out riding.