TeamHamish Rainbow Ride – Update


1year in the planning, the last four months of that have been non stop, but today finally we leave for Lands end. I though, have never felt so underprepared for an event, I think due to the huge challenge that lies ahead.
There is nothing left to do but drive down and cycle home, sounds easy!!!
It won’t be, to a man we will be pushing ourselves to our physical and mental limits, but our pain and hurt is temporary, and we have brought it on our selfs, The Hey family have had there pains and suffering thrust upon them, They never asked nor volunteered but it has just kept coming and so many times it just not fair!!!!
They are the one to inspire me, they are the ones to be admired and it is because of them and their strength I chose the #TeamHamish charity. When I am hurting and think I can push no more, I will think on their enthusiasm, their never give up attitude and especially Susan‘s ever present infectious smile, and i will push those pedals as many more times as is required to complete this challenge,I am sure my 8 riding partners and our amazing support crew feel the same. Thank you everybody for all the support and help so far, Nairn Truly does Rock. Please click on the link and donate what you can. Thanks!!!
Feel free to come cheer us off today 2pm at the King Street Co-Op