#TeamHamish – Announcement 🌈🌟🌟🌟🌟🌈



Some of you may be aware that Channel 4 are currently running a series of Celebrity Bake Off in conjunction with Cancer Research UK as part of their Stand Up to Cancer campaign.

We have been in touch with the CRUK PR Team ever since Hamish received one of their Little Star Awards in 2013.

Earlier this year CRUK asked if we would consider telling our real life story on camera as promotion for SU2C. As such we were filmed for two and a half days in February which was then edited into a series of exerts and we believe that the first of these will be aired during the Bake Off β€ͺnext Tuesday 3rd April at 8.00pm‬ on Channel 4

If you get the opportunity please do watch, but I would say that this shorter film is quite tough going and includes videos of Hamish. We do however believe that whilst it is for promotion of CRUK, it gives a brief and raw insight into why we established #TeamHamish.