#TeamHamish Rainbow Ride‎ – Training Update

Stephen Faser commented on Revolution CT

Double weekend century riding and great Craic with the lads both days feeling happy in the saddle now just more worried about getting up late and being left to work on my own 🤣😂🤣😂💨🚴🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

Revolution CT to Revolution CT Cyclists Group 

3 hrs

So today saw two social rides for the Rev CT crews. We had our annual Recce down to Fort Augustus and also a 45 mile route locally for those who couldn’t make the away day.

The first day of BST started with Myself and Alan cycling from Nairn off to Dores to meet the rest of the team. Along the way we picked up our guest riders from Moray Firth CC, Alan and Darren at the Battlefield.

When we reached Dores we met up with a HUGE turnout in Helen, William, Alison, Iain, Stewart, Fiona, Nicholas, Rachel, Gillian and Stephen.

From there we started the club ride to Fort Augustus. We were heading out into a bit of a headwind which we really started to feel when we reached the open moors approaching the top of Glendoe, five miles from Fort Augustus. We regrouped at the top of the hill and decided that everyone would do their own thing for Glendoe. Some riders did a little bit, some did a bit more and a few went all the way down to Fort Augustus.

Special kudos and recognition goes to Gillian who decided to come right to the bottom of Glendoe, despite the fact that she will not be doing the Etape Loch Ness this year. The pedals just kept turning and everyone made it back to the top of the hill.

Spirits were high as we dropped off Glendoe at a crazy speed and back towards Foyers for coffee and cake at Cameron’s Tearoom. We received a warm welcome as always and replenished energy levels with copious amounts of caffeine and cake! Stephen was a bit late to the party (excuses, excuses! 😜) but was happy to devour some lemon drizzle cake! More on that later…

Buoyed by our caffeine hit, it was full speed ahead back to Dores to complete the ride (for most).

Darren, Alan, Stephen and Stephen joined Alan and myself on the journey back to Culloden and Nairn respectively. The efforts of the weekend caught up with Coach Fraser when his lemon drizzle made a second appearance just before reaching Nairn! 🤮🙈

Just over a ton for Alan, Stephen and I today and a solid 50 for most of the club members on the ride. Everyone performed really well and there was great craic to be had all day. You all really earned your cake today. Very well done to everyone and thanks for coming along! Great to have our guests from MFCC join us too.

See you for the next one!