🌈SING FOR HAMISH🌈Rehearsal tomorrow evening (Thursday 30th), new members are all very welcome!🎶🎤😁A wee reminder about the exciting new rock choir in Nairn. Just incase you were in doubt about coming along, here are a few perfect reasons! You don’t need to be a ‘singer’; it’s all about this…🤗🎤🎶Group singing is cheaper than therapy, healthier than drinkingand is certainly more fun than working out!!! 🎤🎶 It is the one thing in life where feeling betteris pretty much guaranteed!😁Physical benefits…⭐️Singing exercises our lungs 🌈It can improve our sleep⭐️Reduces muscle tension🌈Tones facial muscles⭐️Improves posture🌈Recent evidence suggests that it can help decrease the problem of snoring⭐️Releases pain relieving endorphins Emotional benefits…⭐️Increase in self-esteem and confidence🌈Increases feelings of wellbeing⭐️ Enhances mood🌈A useful stress reducer Social benefits…⭐️Enables you to meet more people🌈 Brings people together ⭐️A forum for fun & laughterHopefully see you there!🎶🌈